10 January 2013


If you asked me two years ago this time if I thought Twitter was going to take off I would have said, “Of course, everyone knows Facebook is where it’s at.” I would have been wrong, of course! I’m fascinated by how fast South Africans have taken to social media and just how open we’ve all been to technological developments and innovations.

This obviously has an impact on media and how you, the readers, consume your favourite brands. You’ll be happy to know that DRUM is no longer just in print – we’re on your mobile phone, smartphone, desktop and tablets.

We’re also happy to report that we recorded new highs as far as your online and social media engagement with DRUM is concerned so much so that we’re now market leaders!

This has presented us with new opportunities which you will see over the following weeks. Exciting times indeed. I can’t wait. This is our back-to-school issue so we have loads of goodies for you and your family. Starting this week, Oxford University Press has sponsored a series of three educational posters (periodic tables and posters) for primary and secondary learners. I know it will definitely be appreciated in my household.

We also have a four-page feature on school uniforms in which we compare prices at various shops (see page 26), plus we’re giving away R10 000 worth of Smart Shopper points with Pick n Pay to six lucky readers – see page 30.

To all first-time-at-school parents, welcome to the club! The next 12 years will not always be easy but they will certainly be the most interesting as your little one “discovers the outside world”. Sometimes it will be daunting but I promise you that for the most part it will be hugely rewarding to see them take their place in society. Oh, and don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t manage to make it into the “super active mommy club”.

You know the type that bakes for every teacher’s birthday and is always available to help with PTA arrangements. As long as you do your best, your child will know you love them.
Until next week, take care.